In Home ABA Therapy

Why In Home ABA Therapy

It’s expensive to care for a child with autism. Even if you have top-notch insurance and a wonderful school district, you’ll pay premium prices for everything from babysitting to summer camp. Therapy can be a costly added expense, especially when (as is often the case) some of the best therapists won’t accept insurance. Many times, behavior seen in the home will not be seen in an alternative setting, so the home can provide therapists the opportunity to target specific behavior or skills that need work. Learning in the home environment is beneficial to the child’s progress as they are taught to use skills in a natural environment. Mastered skills can be generalized across various home-based settings.

Procedures To Begin In-Home ABA Services

ABA Therapy Intake Process

The decision has been made to go ahead with in-home therapy. At this point, the preliminary Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) will conduct an initial interview with the primary caregivers.

Observational Evaluation For ABA Therapy

Herein, the BCBA will then gather information by directly observing the child in the home. They are there to take note of the child’s behaviors and caregiver responses to them.

Initiation Of The ABA Therapy Treatment Program

When all assessments, interviews, and observations are complete, the BCBA will develop a team of Behavior Technicians to deliver the direct therapy.