Social Skills Groups

Developing social skills is an important part of the lives of young children. Children begin to socialize during infancy and continue to strengthen their skills during preschool years. During this time, social skills may consist of gaining joint attention, initiating and responding, playing and sharing with peers, communicating wants and needs, and following classroom rules. Often children learn these skills by watching other children and adults, but some students may need more intensive interventions.


Our Social Skills Groups are designed to help children who have autism spectrum disorders, language delays, behavioral issues, attention deficits, learning differences, and other special needs create lasting friendships. We start by helping children create strong social skills that cannot only help them make friends, but feel confident about themselves, as well. If you are interested in determining if your child would benefit from ABA therapy and techniques, Behavioral Expectations offers consultations and individualized assessments. Please contact our office to schedule an assessment for your child!